SPC flooring is 100% water and termite-proof.

More durable than laminate and rubber tiles. The skin feels real, does not swell, does not bulge, does not peel and is safe from chemicals. The style prevents germs. It is not slippery. Do not worry about the contraction of the wood flooring. It has natural patterns and colours are strong. it is strong and durable. It is not a source of termites, ants or any kind of insects and does not have any erosion problems. It is flexible.


The advantages
1. The material is resistant to water and moisture. Not including the glue used in the installation.
2. Since there are no wood components, there will be no termite infestation.
3. Easy to install, can lay on new flooring or over the old material to renovate the old house and still be fine. It can be done as DIY work for skilled homeowners since installation is not difficult.
4. Free of Formaldehyde.


SIZE : 1220 x 181 x 4 mm.
QTY: 15 PCS./BOX 3.31 SQ.M/BOX